As most of us sleep, there are many people who work in the small hours providing services that we mostly take for granted. These people bake our bread, take us home, treat us when we’re sick, clean our streets and keep us safe. This project introduces you to some of the people who carry out this work.


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The Civil Partnership Act gave same-sex couples the choice whether or not to cement their relationship with a civil partnership.


This project catches up with couples who have entered into civil partnerships, who are preparing for a civil partnership and also those couples who choose not to enter into a civil partnership.


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FANS is a documentary about enthusiasts.


Most people are a fan of something, but some people make their hobby take over their lives.


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The Leap project is a collaboration between Bolton Lads and Girls Club and students of the MA Photography course at the University of Bolton.


An 80-page book of the Leap project is available to buy at All proceeds go to the club.


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